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Cascade pickers

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I'va got two arrays that have a common field. These arrays are used in pickers.

I'm trying to get to filter the second array based on the value from the first picker and use it in the second picker. Both are on the same view.

The issue i'm facing is that the second picked can't use the filtered array properly. It just hangs the view.

Any ideas ?

struct RegisterView: View {

    @State var regionId = 0
    @State var districtId = 0

    @State var filteredDistricts = []

        var body: some View {
                Picker(selection: $regionId, label: Text("Region")) {
                   ForEach(0 ..< regions.count) {
                }.onReceive([self.regionId].publisher.first()) { value in
                    self.filteredDistricts = districts.filter( { return $0.regionId == regions[value].id })
                if(regionId != 0){
                    Picker(selection: $districtId, label: Text("District")) {
                       ForEach(0 ..< filteredDistricts.count) {

                    Text("print region value")



I added id: .self in the foreach loop but still nothing.


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