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Can't dismiss sheet

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I have let say view A that is a sheet. From view A you can pull up another sheet, call it sheet B. I can dismiss sheet B just fine. But when I then try to dismiss sheet A. It wont dismiss. Does anyone else have this issue, if so how do you solve it.

Just for info, Sheet A is showing an edit contact view. From that view their is a VStack with a button in it that displays customs events. When you tap the button on the VStack it brings up sheet B. As I said I can dismiss that view just fine after creating the event. But sheet A will not dismiss.

I hope that is clear on what I is going on. I just cant understand why sheet A wont dismiss if I add event and then dismiss sheet B.



Let's say, instead of describing View A and hiz friend View B, you just show some code. This would help us see what concepts you've mastered and where you might be having a little trouble.

Here's some code showing a simple HomeView. Tap the button and SheetOneView slides in as a sheet. On SheetOneView is another button that slides in SheetTwoView.

If you swipe down on SheetTwoView, you're back to SheetOneView. Again, swipe down and you're back to the HomeView.

//  Multi_Sheet_Experiment
//  Created by Obelix on 4/19/22.
import SwiftUI

struct HomeView: View {
    @State private var showSheet1 = false  // Toggle Sheet One
    var body: some View {
        VStack {
            Text("Home View").font(.largeTitle).foregroundColor(.cyan).bold().padding()
            Button { showSheet1.toggle() }
                label: { Text(showSheet1 ? "Hide Sheet 1" : "Show Sheet 1") }
        }.sheet(isPresented: $showSheet1) { SheetOneView() }

struct SheetOneView : View {
    @State private var showSheet2 = false
    var body: some View {
        VStack {
            Text("Sheet One").font(.largeTitle).foregroundColor(.blue).bold().padding()
            Button { showSheet2.toggle() }
                label: { Text(showSheet2 ? "Hide Sheet 2" : "Show Sheet 2") }
        }.sheet(isPresented: $showSheet2) { SheetTwoView() }

struct SheetTwoView : View {
    var body: some View {
        Text("Sheet 2").font(.largeTitle).foregroundColor(.indigo).bold().padding()
        Text("(Swipe down to dimiss.)").font(.caption)


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