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Can I use AVFoundation classes for ultrasound data?

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Does anyone know if I can use the AVCaptureAudioFileOutput or AVCaptureAudioDataOutput classes on data with a sampling rate of 384000 samples per second (ie ultrasound)?

I am currently thinking of developing an ios app to capture data from an external usb ultrasound microphone. The microphone that I am considering is a class compliant audio device that provides 16 bit data at a rate of 384000 samples per second. I have been looking into the Apple documentation, especially the AVFoundation classes, but I have been unable to find out whether there is an upper limit on the sampling rate.

I have posted this on the IOS forum previously, but received no response. I guess that I posted on the wrong forum. If this is not the correct place to ask, and someone knows of a better place, I would be very pleased for any feedback.

Regards, James Housden


Well a better place would be the Apple Developer forums. This is the kind of thing that Apple employees might know better than the rest of us.

( My guess is that is is microphone dependent).


(1) I suggest you subscribe to the CoreAudio developer forum and post your question there:

(2) Does the standard ultrasound microphone for the type of imaging you're dealing with actually use a sampling rate of 384K samples/sec? No point in using a sampling rate more than 2.2X the frequency of the ultrasound signal (2X is the Nyquist frequency).


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