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Buttons on Scrollview (with frame and offset) do not work until scrolling a bit

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Hi everybody,

Actually, I wanted to figure out what’s wrong on my own, but I stuck and it is driving me crazy.

Here is my problem.

I created a move-in menu which moves from the bottom up. For this functionality I used a view which is moved out of scope with an offset (y-value). This offset will be modified to show the menu completely, show the menu minimized and hide the menu. Actually, that works fine.

This menu contains several buttons and a horizontal scrollview which contains some more buttons. When I use the frame-mofidier for the Scrollview or for at least one of the parental (H-, V- or Z-) Stacks, I am not able to use the buttons on the scrollview after changing the menu offset (menu is expanded completely or minimized) anymore until I scrolled a bit. After scrolling, all buttons are working correctly, before I do that they do not do anything. When I am using a V-Stack instead of the Scrollview, the buttons work fine. But I do not have the possibility to scroll, which is mandatory.

Are there any restrictions or things to think about for using a Scrollview in combination with offset and frame?

I hope you understand what I I tried to say. I am thankful for every hint.

Thanks, Sebastian


Hi! Had same problem on iOS13 but on iOS14 beta its fixed.


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