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Appending content using MVVM pattern with SwiftUI

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I've a problem. So, I've a View to add a new content on my app, I've a Model and a ViewModel.

  1. is it possible to use Model for two-way binding?(on the form)
  2. How to collect all the form data and append it to all the available Goals? knowing that some of the Model property will be empty

I don't know how to do that. Here my view

import SwiftUI

#if canImport(UIKit)
extension UIApplication {
    func endEditing() {
        sendAction(#selector(UIResponder.resignFirstResponder), to: nil, from: nil, for: nil)

struct NewGoalView: View {
    @State private var categories = ["Health and hospital bills", "Food", "Clothing/Fashion", "Electronics/Smart devices", "Transportation", "Investment", "Rent", "Fees", "Payoff debts", "Start business", "Emergency", "Others"]
    @State private var category:Int = 0
    @State private var projectName:String = ""
    @State private var amount:String = ""
    @State private var duration:Date = Date()
    @State private var interest:Bool = true
// Alert or modal presentation variables
    @Binding var isPresented: Bool
    @State var showAlert: Bool = false

    private func endEditing() {

    var body: some View {

                Text("Pick a category for your goal").foregroundColor(.secondary)
                Picker("Category", selection: $category){
                    ForEach(0..<categories.count, id: \.self){
                TextField("Your goal name", text: $projectName)
                TextField("The amount you want to raise", text: $amount)
                Text("When do you want to achieve it?").foregroundColor(.secondary)
                DatePicker("Duration", selection: $duration, in:Date()..., displayedComponents: [.date]).datePickerStyle(GraphicalDatePickerStyle())
                Toggle("Interest on saving", isOn: $interest)
        }.gesture(DragGesture().onChanged({ (value) in

        .navigationBarTitle("New piggy bank space", displayMode: .inline)
        .navigationBarItems(leading: Button("Cancel",action: {self.isPresented = false}), trailing: Button("Save",action: {
            showAlert =  true
        }).alert(isPresented: $showAlert){
            Alert(title: Text("Success"), message: Text("You've successfully set your new goal"), dismissButton: .default(Text("Got it!")){
                self.isPresented = false

struct NewGoalView_Previews: PreviewProvider {
    static var previews: some View {
        NewGoalView(isPresented: .constant(false))

My Model

struct Goal: Identifiable {
    var id = UUID
    var name: String
    var amount: Double  
    var raised: Double
    var priority: String
    var status: String
    var image: String

My ViewModel

class GoalViewModel:ObservableObject {
    @Published var goals: [Goal] = [
        .init(id: UUID(), name: "MacBook Pro", amount: 900000.00, raised: 234000, priority: "high", status: "in process", image: "macbook"),
        .init(id: UUID(), name: "iPad Pro", amount: 780000.00, raised: 380000, priority: "high", status: "in process", image: "ipad"),
        .init(id: UUID(), name: "AirPods Pro", amount: 180000.00, raised: 150000, priority: "high", status: "in process", image: "airpods")

    func create(goal: Goal) {

Can someone helps me?


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