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Advanced Geometry?

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Hi, I have a Geometry to align two HStacks vertically.

The second row of my VStack has three individual returns. I separated them as separate elements so I can align them vertically.

If I make all three variables as one element so I can apply a modifier, is it still possible to align them vertically?

Or vice versa?

The second row which has the "deriveVibration" function has three variables V, C, and T which has diferrent result as the variables on top deriveV, deriveC, and deriverawTotal.

How do I apply this modifier? Text(deriveVibration(string: .font(.largeTitle) { if Text(deriveT(string: = 4, 6, or 8 { .foregroundColor(Color.Green) } else .foregroundColor(Color.White) }

Thank you for any suggestions you may have.

My current code below is set as one element. How can I align them individually without breaking them apart?

   GeometryReader { proxy in
 VStack(spacing: 0) {
    HStack {
            .frame(width: proxy.size.width * 0.04, alignment: .top) .fixedSize()
            .frame(width: proxy.size.width * 1, alignment: .top) .fixedSize()
         .frame(idealWidth: 8, maxHeight: 88)


Did you try using an alignment parameter on your HStack?

HStack(alignment: .top) {


Yes, it didn't change anything. I should mention that the top row is a smaller size than the bottom row and the top row could show a two digit per box whereas the bottom will always have a single digit per box.


Check out custom Alignment Guides. Very powerful, and simple to use!

There's also a great video from WWDC2019 'Building Custom Views in SwiftUI', which demonstrates custom alignment guides starting at about the 20m50s mark:


Thank you, I will look into this.


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