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SOLVED: Writing to an array inside a dictionary?

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Hi, happy Friday!

I was working with some data of type <Int, [String]>

Here's a sample data,

var myDictionary: Dictionary<Int, [String]> = [
1: ["apple", "banana", "cranberries"],
2: ["tiger", "dog", "cat"],
3: ["crow", "goose", "sparrow"]

Now, what I want to do is to add a new item to an array of a specified key. (e.g. add "eagle" to myDictionary[3])

I do have a code that works but as you can see, I had to manually read and write the values by declaring a new variable.

var temp = myDictionary[3]
myDictionary[3] = temp


// [1: ["apple", "banana", "cranberries"],  2: ["tiger", "dog", "cat"], 3: ["crow", "goose", "sparrow", "eagle"],]

I was wondering if this is the only way to write to an array inside a dictionary, or if there's one-line command that does the same work. Thank you!


myDictionary[3, default: []].append("eagle")

This will fetch the item with key of 3 or return an empty array [] if that key doesn't exist in myDictionary.

Then it appends a new value either to the returned array corresponding to the key 3 or to the empty array [].

Finally, it sets the value of the key 3 to the newly appended array.


You could also use optional chaining


where if 3 is a key, then it will extract the array and append "eagle" else it will return nil


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