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What is the best way to represent this data model relationship?

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My app allows users to store data for individual items. There are many properties for an item, but here is a simplified version:

struct Item: Identifiable, Codable {
    let name: String
    let id = UUID().uuidString

I need to give users the option to assign each item to a container (which users can also create and manage).

struct Container {
    let name: String

So an item can be in zero or one containers and I will store arrays of all items and all containers. I need to be able to filter the displayed data based on individual containers.

My issue is how best to represent the relationship between the items and containers, and how I should keep track of this state.

I am unsure which of these options is best (or if an alternative might be better):

  1. Each item has a string property called container
  2. Each container struct has an array of items that it contains
  3. All data stored as an array property in a single struct with a separate array of containers and the ID of items they contain
  4. Some other way

I will be persisting the data locally and in iCloud using CloudKit.

Any advice on a good way to structure this would be appreciated.


I think you should explore the Core Data route and save data this way. You can easily connect items to containers with relationships and storing in iCloud is also quite simple


@nemecek-filip Thanks! So far I have just been using Codable. I will look at Core Data. I admit I have felt daunted by it so far


Core Data is definitely complex. If you never used it, I would recommend first following a few tutorial projects with Core Data before integrating it into your project.


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