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SwiftData - Using it in a class

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How do I fetch the SwiftData into a class like I used to fetch CoreData into the class. Changes made to the data in the AppManager were saved.

final class Item {
    var timestamp: Date

    init(timestamp: Date) {
        self.timestamp = timestamp

That would be the model for the app. (Obviously this is very simplified test stuff).

class AppManager: NSObject, ObservableObject,  AVAudioPlayerDelegate {
  // var allItems = a fetch
  // this has to be a class, as I'm not aware of anything besides a class that can be a delegate

Every example I've been able to find so far, fetches the data using @Query on a view. I would like the fetch the data into an array in a class. After reading the documentation, there is just one line of code to do the fetch. But how do you set the ModelContainer and the ModelContext in this class?


To fetch data using SwiftData into a class, follow these steps:

  1. Define your data model, conforming to the Model protocol.
  2. Create your AppManager class to manage data.
  3. In the AppManager, you don't need to set up ModelContainer or ModelContext. Use SwiftData's simple API to fetch data directly into your class.


hi Dennis,

this is a little bit of quick guess, and it's not something i have used ... but say your AppManager needs a property to reference the SwiftData modelContainer:

var modelContainer: ModelContainer? // yes, make this optional

when you begin your App, instantiate your AppManager; and then use the onSetp parameter in the .modelContainer(for: ...) modifier to handle a callback. you'll be given a Result type with the modelContainer, at which point you can update the AppManager's reference to the modelContainer.

so something like this

struct MyApp: App {
    let appManager = AppManager()
    var body: some Scene {
        WindowGroup {
                .modelContainer(for: [ModelObject.self], onSetup: handleSetup)

    func handleSetup(result: Result<ModelContainer, Error>) {
        switch result {
            case success(let modelContainer):
                appManager.modelContainer = modelContainer
            case .failure(let error):
                print("error: \(error.localizedDescription)")

that could answer your main question, and you can certainly then your AppManager can execute fetch calls on demand using the mainContext of the modelContainer.

however, if you're thinking that you'd like to have an equivalent of Core Data's NSFetchedResultsController for SwiftData, i don't think that's there yet.

hope that's of some interest,

DMG (i am not an AI)

added ater the post: there's probably a more direct way to do this, where you create the modelContainer yourself in advance of having to rely on the .modelContainer modifier to do that for you.


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