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Swift for real-time 3D procedural generation

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Hi guys,

I am a self tought developer. And very glad to become a memmber of the community. I finished Stanford CS106a course and have experiance in Java and C#.

About two years ago I have started a project to develop an urban design app for ios. All elements of the app are proceduraly generated at realtime. Roads, buildings ... I managed to make a prototype in Unity as it is what I know how to use. Plus I have axccess to a good mesh truiangulation and polygon clipping / offset libraries.

But I am planning to build a beta and future versions using Swift. I understand that it is possible to build anything with any language in the world, but you need to consider time you will have to invest.

As I am not a proffesional software developer, I would like to ask you a couple of questions.

  1. How hard would it be to build procedural generation app in Swift? I mean Unity handles a lot of things for you, for example I can simply create classes for points and edges and constarct and display mesh on the screen
  2. How about 3D camera and navigation in Swift ? Are there any helper api's or should I code all the camera things, rotations, movement , frastrums ...
  3. SceneKit , is it sutable for 3D development and how sutable it is for handling a lot of 3d geometry at the same time?

I am asking these question because, I able to learn basic Swift and SwiftUI, I do know how to use external libraries if needed , but I never worked with shaders or done any hardcore graphics programming :)

You advice will help me a lot. Huge thanks in advance.

Oh and here is a link the app I am working on. www.thebrief.space



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