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SOLVED: String Formatting of Hex Data

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I have a Data buffer containg 8 bit data. I'd like to format a String to represent this.

The data is typically

b4, a4, 34, f1, 00, 00, 29, bb, 58

I'd like a String formatted b4:a4:34:f1:00:00:29:bb:58

Apprciate I can insert colons after.

if let sysID = String(bytes: data, encoding: .utf8) {
             systemID = sysID
        } else {
            print("Invalid string")
            systemID = "---"

But comes back with invalid string. I guess not every character is displyeable.

Any clues?


Does something like this work for you?

let hexes = { String(format: "%02X", $0) }
print(hexes.joined(separator: ":"))


Thank you that seems to print the format I need. How would I assign it to String variable.

I tried

 if let sysID = String(bytes: hexes, encoding: .ascii) {
             systemID = sysID
        } else {
            print("Invalid string")
            systemID = "---"

But got error

Type of expression is ambiguous without more context


hexes.joined(separator: ":") returns a String, so you just have to assign it.

For instance: let hexStr = hexes.joined(separator: ":")


That works. Thank you very much.


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Please remember to mark answers as solved if you can – it helps identify them for folks who come across this thread later on 👍


Thanks for the reminder. Marked as solved.


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