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I'm asking this here because I dont see another option to ask this question, YES, I understand this is not a swift issue.

I have an app I'm developing and it will never use push notifications. I only plan to use local notifications. So I am a little confused on a few things.

  1. Why are push notifications enabled when you want to use iCloud?
  2. In the developer portal > Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles > App Identifier do I need to configure a Developent SSL and Production SSL certificate?
  3. If I do, do I need to install them into my Keychain

Thanks, Mark


Sorry, I'm doing this on windows 10 and I don't know the answer but you can label it iOS being related to iCloud.



1) I guess this is related to CloudKit subscriptions - you can get silent push notification when remote data changes informing you to download them so your app is up-to-date.

2) No. Local notifications don't require any of this. Even for CloudKit ones this isn't neccessary.

SSL certificates are needed when you want to send notifications from your own server. The flow is then something like this: Your server -> Apple's Notification Service (APNS) -> Your app


@nemecek-filip , Hi Filip

So, you're telling me just to make sure I understand, that If I don't plan on using Push Notifications then I don't need to configure these SSL Certificates, correct?

Thanks Mark


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