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SOLVED: Small question about initialisation

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I want to be able to init my type multiple ways (blank, or with info). Is this the correct way to do that, or is there a better way? (I always get confused with initialisers)

import UIKit

class ProjectsController {
    //MARK: - Types
    struct Project: Codable, Hashable {
        let identifier: UUID
        let createDate: Date
        var lastEdited: Date
        var title: String
        var comment: String
        var iconImageURL: String?

        init(title: String, comment: String = "") {
            self.title = title
            self.comment = comment
            self.identifier = UUID()
            self.createDate = Date()
            self.lastEdited = Date()
            self.iconImageURL = nil

        init() {
            self.init(title: "", comment: "")

let project = Project()
let Project2 = Project(title: "Bla", comment: "BlaBla")


@twostraws  Site Admin

You can remove the empty init() and adjust your other initializer to this:

init(title: String = "", comment: String = "") {


Initialisers confuse the heck out of me too. I should have "got it" by now but I guess practise will make perfect.

Ooooooh, doesn't that gold badge look nice.




@twostraws Dang! I was nearly there 🤓 Thanks!


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