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I'm working on a an app that will have in-app purchase for various subscriptions. I did an in-app purchase years ago in an Objective-C project but not subscriptions. In my research, I've come across Revenue Cat ( IAP service and their libraries really seem so streamline things. Anyone have recommendations (pro or con) on using this or similar service?


Haven't actually used it yet, as the project for which I was considering IAP has been sidelined. However, I will say that I was going to be deploying an app to iOS and Android with IAP and subscriptions, and would therefore need to interact with both the Google Play store and Apple's App Store. Revenue Cat definitely looked compelling to me at that time, and the few questions I had while integrating the library into my project got addressed quickly.


While I have not used Revenue Cat it was a sponsor of Hacking With Swift site for a while and Paul did mention it in live steams/podcast. I know that it a sponsor but think Paul would be inclined to not reconmend it if it was not worth it.


Thanks folks. It does look compelling, especially w/ the low end pricing model (Free up to $10,000.00 revenue). I'm going forward with it and will let you know how it goes.

Hope everyone has had, is having or will have a happy holiday. Stay safe out there...


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