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SOLVED: Reset your "Label.text" after clicking a button

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Hello guys, I made An app that one part shows a certain text after a button press, the issue is that when I click again on the same button the old text are still there - I want it to be cleared after the second press of the same button and show the new text - how do I do that???


Try creating a boolean variable which will tell the button action what to do. E.g in your button tapped function you can use that boolean to decide what to do -

create variable and set it to false by default. (outside of button tapped func)

inside button tapped func - if false then set your text and change bool to true

if true then clear the text and change bool to false.

Give it a try. Should work


Hello, first of all thank you for your reply!

  1. First click shows the text i want
  2. Second click clears the text
  3. when i click again it shows me the text from the first click - it dosent Clear it from the memory, this is the code:
var buttonWasPressed = false
    @IBAction func GenerateButton(_ sender: UIButton) {
        if buttonWasPressed == false {
        Label.text = "This is your password: \(password)"
            buttonWasPressed = true
        }else {
            Label.text = ""
            buttonWasPressed = false


Where have you declared your variable password and your variable number? I would have to look at your password generator code. That may be the issue there. I tried the following and it worked fine -

@IBOutlet weak var label: UILabel!
var buttonHasNoText: Bool = true
var password: Int!

  override func viewDidLoad() {
      // Do any additional setup after loading the view.

  @IBAction func buttonPressed(_ sender: Any) {
      if buttonHasNoText {
          label.text = "\(password!)"
          buttonHasNoText = false
      } else {
          label.text = ""
          buttonHasNoText = true

  func generateRandomNumber() {
      password = Int.random(in: 1...100)

Just a little tip with boolean conditions with if/else statements. You can just use what i have done above instead of the == false. With an if/else statement, saying 'if' then condition is liking saying 'if true'. If you want to check if a boolean variable is true then all you have to do is say 'if booleanVariableName'. If you want to check if a boolean variable is false (like in your code) then you have to use the 'NOT' operator before the boolean variable, like this - if !booleanVariableName. Just saves a little typing.


Sorry mate, also doesn't work, it deletes the the text entirely! i did manage to solve it like this:

@IBAction func GenerateButton(_ sender: UIButton) {
    Label.text = ""
    password = ""
    Label.text = "This is your password: \(password)"



Oops sorry mate i actually read your initial post wrong. i thought you wanted each press of the button to alternate between showing the password and clearing it. My bad. Glad you solved it :)


It's ok, thank you for helping 👍


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