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Prevent an Apple Watch app from sleeping on SwiftUI, not working

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have tried this:

import UIKit


.onAppear {
    UIApplication.shared.isIdleTimerDisabled = true


ERROR: Cannot find 'UIApplication' in scope

and I am importing UIKit



This is basically because UIApplication does not exist on watchOS:


I'm not familiar with watchOS development, but if you describe what you want to achieve, perhaps somebody knows what's available on watchOS to do the same thing.


On WatchOS you need specific background modes enabled to prevent your app going to sleep. Or do you just mean that the screen shouldn't go black?



@Hatsushira, I just want the screen not to go black. When it does, the app goes to inactive. I want the app to continue active and running, as it does when I am debugging on the simulator.

I can detect the app going to inactive, as the screen goes black by using this

  @Environment(\.scenePhase) var scenePhase

    .onChange(of: scenePhase) { newPhase in
      if newPhase == .active {
      } else if newPhase == .inactive {
      } else if newPhase == .background {


I doubt this is possible if you don't use the special background sessions. But they're restricted to special use cases. With these the screen goes black anyway but the app still runs. I created a workout app for me and that was the way to go.





In apple watch as I'm using you need to apply such backgrounds that keep on running and consumes alot of battery inorder for you'r watch not to go to sleep mode.Thanx🥰.


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