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Pass button title to function - nil while unwrapping optionals

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Hello everybody,

I am using a button trigger in Playgrounds to pass the button title to a function in another class.

@objc func letterButtonPressed(_ sender: UIButton) {  

        sender.isHidden = true  

        letter = sender.currentTitle?.uppercased()  

        if letter != nil {  
            game.checkLetterInWord(letter: letter!)  

In this function above I check if the letter is nil first, so I don't undertstand why the function finds nil...

public func checkLetterInWord(letter: String!) -> Bool {  
        let wordCharacters = Array(word)  

        return true  

What am I doing wrong? Thank you for you help!


So which one of the following is happening?

  1. the checkLetterInWord function never gets called?
  2. the line print(letter!) prints out nil?
  3. the line print(wordCharacters) prints out nil?

I don't see (2) or (3) happening unless you're calling the function somewhere else in your code. Can you give us more details?


Also please look into if let and guard beacuse using force unwrapping is dangerous and not considered a good practice


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