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Mixing SpriteKit and UIKit?

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Is it good or bad to mix these two?

I don't mean placing Views over SKView, more like (for example: Clash Royale, Archero...) UITabBarController with some views (Shop, Battle, Acheivements...), where the Shop is classic collection view and battle is SpriteKit Scene?



I mean why not if these is reason to.

The SpriteKit scenes themselves are hosted in specialized UIViewControllers and since UITabBarController is just a container for other UIViewControllers, I dont see why it would be a bad idea to have SpriteKit scene on one tab and item shop on the second :-)



Yes, I have the same opinion. But i never find example or anything similar...

Almost three months I develop some game (for client), and when we started to "mix", cpu, memory and energy rise up a lot. So I found on SO, some advices that is not good to mix... make no sense to me also... but it's always better to ask for second opinion :)


To be honest I dont have much experience in SpriteKit but it should be very performant and I dont see better solution than to mix them. SpriteKit is great for games but for building UIs not so much.


I think I might have to do something similar with my current project. I found Paul's Spritekit tutorials on Hacking with Swift very helpful and interesting ...

It's also very easy to mix and match the two!



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