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I have a question about localized files.

One of my apps I was localizing it. But I found out that some of the localizations were incorrect. So, I removed localization from the app. However, some of my JSON files I have two copies:

Ex: catalog-csb and if I expand this I see the following two files catalog-csb (Base) & catalog-csb (English)

Since I'm not localizing my app anymore I would like to get rid of the (Base) & (English) and get rid of one of the files. But I can't seem to figure out how to do that? I'm sure its something simple, but its been driving me nuts for about a week now in not being able to figure this out.

Thanks Taz


Take a copy of the JSON file (just in case)

Then click on file to Show in Finder then delete it.

If that does not work delete the JSON file and re-insert the copy that you made.



Hey my friend, yeah I've got copies of all the files.

  1. My question, is why is there (Base) & (English) files? I thought that if your app wasn't localized it used the language you developed in when writing the app. Am I wrong?

In the project settings Info tab under Localizations I see Base 8 Files Localized and English 8 Files Localized there is a checkmark in the Default column for English.

  1. Do I need to have Use Base Internationalization checked?

That's what I'm trying to figure out is why there is Base and English files and can I get rid of one of them, if so which one do I get rid of.

Thanks, Taz



I'd still like to hear your anwsers to my questions, but I decided on a hunch to create a new project and see what was given by default.

On the left if I select my project folder then under the Info tab for Localizations there were Base and English entries in the table and the default was English and it had a checkmark. Use Base Internationalization was also checked.

So I guess this is the default and I'll leave it alone. It just seems weird to have Base and English entries. I always thought that Base was the default language. So, if you're living in Germany and speak German then your Base would be German. I don't see the point in having both?



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