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Learn UIKit or SwiftUI

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Most videos and articles I see are on SwiftUI, is UIkit getting redundant? Which should we pick up?


@twostraws  Site AdminHWS+

Go for SwiftUI when learning; start adding UIKit as and when you need it.


This depends a lot on whether you want to find iOS dev job or not. Most "pro" apps are in UIKit and no one is going to pay to throw them away and rewrite in SwiftUI.

If this is hobby, then SwiftUI is fine choice.


go with UIKit, the market is built upon it now, in future it will be easy for you to pick SwiftUI


I agree with @twostraws on this one. There isn't much you can't do with SwiftUI, and when there is, you can usually encapsulate some UIKit solution right into it. SwiftUI (and similar languages) seems to be the way to the future, and I'm already seeing more and more contract and job postings looking for it.


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