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SOLVED: I cannot see Expected expression error

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I have a function to handle interruptions such as phone calls, the game continues after the call but the background music does not. I keep getting Expected expression error but I cannot see any missing parenthesis or curly brackets.

    func handleInterruption(notification: Notification){
    guard let userInfo = notification.userInfo,
        let typeInt = userInfo[AVAudioSessionInterruptionTypeKey] as? UInt else{return}
    let type = AVAudioSession.InterruptionType(rawValue: typeInt); else do {return}      //expression error showing here.

    switch type{

    case .began:

        print("audio paused")


        if let optionInt = userInfo[AVAudioSessionInterruptionOptionKey] as? UInt {
            let options = AVAudioSession.InterruptionOptions(rawValue: optionInt)
            if options.contains(.shouldResume){}



let type = AVAudioSession.InterruptionType(rawValue: typeInt); else do {return}


guard let type = AVAudioSession.InterruptionType(rawValue: typeInt) else {return} 


Thanks for that, that has stopped the error. Much appreciated.


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