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How to show both URL and a string in UIActivityViewController?

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Hi guys,

Following Paul's example, I tried to create a UIActivityViewController, where both the URL and the string would be shown when tapping the 'share' button:

@objc func shareRecommend() {
    let items: [Any] = ["DOWNLOAD THIS APP!", URL(string: "")!]
    let vc = UIActivityViewController(activityItems: items, applicationActivities: [])
    vc.popoverPresentationController?.barButtonItem = navigationItem.rightBarButtonItem
    present(vc, animated: true)

However, the only thing that appears when the button is tapped is either the URL or the string, depending on which one comes first in the array. How to fix it to make them BOTH appear?



Hi, did you check UIActivityItemProvider? I havent into it deeper yet but I think this is the solution for more complex sharing with activity controller.


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