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How to read JSON with Swift?

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How to read JSON with Swift?

I have looked at a lot of places but I cannot adapt to my case

  • The JSON information is in an URL. For instance: https://www.example.com
  • It is nested. For instance: {"eur":{"usd":80}}
  • There is nothing else, there is not a list of values to iterate


Any of the hundreds of Codable tutorials available on the web should work for this with some adaptation for your specific case.

But the basic idea is this:

import Foundation

struct Rate: Decodable {
    struct USConversion: Decodable {
        let usd: Int

    let eur: USConversion

//for purposes of demonstration only
//in your app, you would get this from an API call
let moneyConversion = """
{"eur": {"usd": 80}}
""".data(using: .utf8)!

let jsonDecoder = JSONDecoder()
do {
    let money = try jsonDecoder.decode(Rate.self, from: moneyConversion)
} catch {


Thank you!


I can recommend https://quicktype.io to get an initial struct going that can receive your data.


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