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How to configure your UI System Image programatically?

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Hey guys. Ive got my system image in my enum

static let plusLarge                = UIImage(systemName: "plus",
                                                  withConfiguration: UIImage.SymbolConfiguration(scale: .large))

As you can see I have managed to configure its scale, but on top of that I would also like to specify weight's value for that system image. I've tried few tricks but at the end of the day I have no idea how to add both, scale and weight at once.

Many thank for any help.


If you doing it SwiftUI there is a great video by Stewart Lynch Two SwiftUI Enum Use Cases, maybe look at this and you might be able to use similar for Swift


It looks like your options are limited. UISymbolConfiguration has the following initializers:

init(pointSize: CGFloat)
init(pointSize: CGFloat, weight: UIImage.SymbolWeight)
init(pointSize: CGFloat, weight: UIImage.SymbolWeight, scale: UIImage.SymbolScale)
init(scale: UIImage.SymbolScale)
init(textStyle: UIFont.TextStyle)
init(textStyle: UIFont.TextStyle, scale: UIImage.SymbolScale)
init(weight: UIImage.SymbolWeight)
init(font: UIFont)
init(font: UIFont, scale: UIImage.SymbolScale)

As you can see, there's no combination that lets you pass in a scale and a weight unless you also give it a point size or a complete UIFont object (which can have a weight as one of its properties). You might think you could supply a system font of the desired weight, but you would still need to give it a point size in the UIFont initializer.

Unless I'm missing something, you can't create a UIImage.SymbolConfiguration with just a weight and a scale.


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