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Filter ForEach From a Binding

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I have follow this tutorial, but I can't filter array anymore if I use binding.


Im getting an error

Generic struct 'ForEach' requires that 'Binding<[Contact]>.Element' (aka 'Binding<Contact>') conform to 'Hashable'

If I remove $ binding, Im able to do filtering again.

This is my class

class ContactsViewModel: ObservableObject {

    @Published var contactsList: [Contact] = []
    @Published var favoritesList: [Contact] = []


Here's a short bit I wrote in another forum post about ForEach: Notes on ForEach

TLdr: ForEach is a view factory. It makes a number of views from a collection of things.

If you have a collection of book objects, ForEach will loop through each book object in your collection and make a BookView for each of those individual objects.

The error message gives you a clue:

Generic struct 'ForEach' requires that 'Binding<[Contact]>.Element' (aka 'Binding<Contact>') conform to 'Hashable'

What is the Contact object you're asking ForEach to process? You do not show this object in your code snip. XCode is complaining that you're not providing a collection of Contact objects. If you are, your Contact objects are not Hashable.

@rooster wrote a nice piece on Identifiable and Hashable. Read it here: All about Hashable


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