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Do you take notes on coding? If so, what on?

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So I asked this question among a dev group today, and got a response that improving web search skills for code solutions was more important than taking notes for my code learning journey. I thought that was a good answer, but I still wonder about note taking. Do any of you take notes? If so, what kinds of things do you decide is worth noting for study?

Thanks. Caleb


Taking notes i think is important. What i do is when im learning about a particular topic I will make a dedicated file for that topic then whilst im learning, practicing or applying what i have learnt, anything i feel would be of benefit in the long run i will note down. That way i can always refer back to my notes.



anything i feel would be of benefit in the long run i will note down

Thanks @Newy11527

A few things specifically I thought might be worth noting.

  1. If I'm stuggling to understand a topic or some piece of code, I make a note of it so I can review it later.
  2. While going through 100DaysOfSwiftUI, I can make a list of each new function, struct, etc. that gets introduced. Then I can review the list and ask myself if I remember the items and understand them.

Is there anything that folks would add to this?


I think at the end of the day it really depends on the person and how they learn. It would be an interesting thread to keep open and get get some feedback from other folks to see if and what notes they take. Go with your gut though. If you get that feeling you should write a note down, write t down. Can only benefit you in the long run


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