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Could Brisk be a library package too?

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Swift Packages vs Brisk

I am a Junior and I have spent the last two days reading the package documentation at and playing around with creating library packages and executable packages.

Now I got the idea, when I create an executable script with swift:

swift package init --type executable

would it not be nice, to be able to add in the Package.swift manifest the dependency to Brisk and write my script?

I know Brisk is doing that under the hood. When launched with,

brisk myscriptname

Brisk is creating an executable package for me to start writing my script and run or compile it. But would a library be nice too? Would that be a nice side project? Do we need a new repo for that?

On the other side, using Brisk instead of creating an axecutable package has the nice effect that oll my scripts are quasi bundled together in the Brisk directory..

I am just collecting feedback wanting to contribute to the Brisk project. Thanks 🙌


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