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Coordinator Pattern - Which way is right?

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Hey guys. I am trying to understand the way that Coordinator works. I am cathing myself in building my own the way I shall not (created a function that passes a ViewController which, as I understand, defeats the purpose of a Coordinator.

Let us say I have 3 Diffrent ViewControllers that may be initialised from HomeVC depending on a Button. My way of thinking tells me to create something like this:

class MainCoordinator: Coordinator {

    var navigationController: UINavigationController?
    // MARK: - Coordinator: Run the App

    func pushVCWithUser(viewController: UIViewController & Coordinating, isNavigationHidden: Bool) {
        var pushedVC: UIViewController & Coordinating = viewController
        pushedVC.coordinator = self
        navigationController?.setNavigationBarHidden(isNavigationHidden, animated: true)
        navigationController?.pushViewController(pushedVC, animated: true)

and just to initialise it in my VC. But I it's not the way it supposed to be done I assume. Or is it actually?

Another way:

I have seen some tutorial when a guy used Enum for cases and created seperated function for each case. But then I don't know how would I pass some parameter while initialising another ViewController.

Or shall I rather create a function like the one above but for each individual View Controller and pass the parameter (lets say that VCs are initialised with the number: Int) in a function signature?

Many thanks for help!


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