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Bluetooth Audio Lag

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How can I detect actual realtime latency lag between iOS Swift app and a bluetooth audio device?


I'm working on an app with bi-directional audio (i.e. playing audio and recording audio to later be layered over the original - think karaoke). I've got the session set so it is handling bi-directional w/ adequate quality, but the recorded audio is typically behind up to 500ms so getting them in synch is not happening.

Not sure the best approach, as latency can change for a variety of reasons in realtime. Maybe is there a way to "ping" the headset periodically in order to get a 'current' latency and adjust my offset accordingly?

Apps like TikTok are handling this, so it must be solvable, but every search I do tells me how to correct delay on my device within the XYX app...which is not what I need. I need to build a solution in code.

If this isn't a good forum for this, any suggestions on where to look would be appreciated as well.

Happy Swifting.... :-)

audio #bluetooth #ios #swift


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