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SOLVED: Binding implementation in a protocol extension

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I'm trying to define a Scalable protocol for some of my classes that need to observe a particular scale value on a view controller. The protocol would require a 'scale' variable and a 'bind(to:)' function, like this:

protocol Scalable {
    var scale: CGFloat { get set }
    func bind(to: Observable<CGFloat>)

I would like to give a default implementation of the bind(to:) function in a protocol extension of Scalable as follows...

  extension Scalable {
    func bind(to observable: Observable<CGFloat>) {
        observable.valueChanged = { [weak self] newValue in
            self?.scale = newValue ?? 1

But I'm getting the following error on [weak self]:

'weak' must not be applied to non-class-bound 'Self'; consider adding a protocol conformance that has a class bound.

I'm not clear on how to interpret this error. Any ideas?


That happens because only object types can be weak -- structs cannot, it doesn't make sense.

To fix that, make your protocol a class-only protocol, like this:

protocol Scalable: AnyObject {


I am using class in these cases and it works great

protocol Scalable: class {



Got it now, thanks!


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