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SOLVED: A quick question about the syntax of a @Published variable

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In Paul's iDine example we have an Order object

    class Order: ObservableObject {

        @Published var items = [MenuItem]()

what does the () notify here? Default getters and setters?


var items: [MenuItem]  // This is a declaration of a variable, an array of MenuItems
var items = [MenuItem]()  // This declares a variable and assigns the variable to a new instance of the type
// Basically the () calls an init


Oh yes, thanks @wieniek for clarifying that ... for some reason I couldn't parse it, not used to it. We are creating an empty array of a certain type using initializer syntax; specifically initializing Array<Element> where <Element> is our MenuItem object type. Got it!

Perhaps I was lookimg for var items: [MenuItem] = [] alternative.


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