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??? would like to access files in your Documents folder.

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I am working through the code in the book "Learning Core Audio" by Adamson and Avila. The code builds a series of command line apps to teach Core Audio programming.

One of the examples plays the audio in a file. The original design of the code had the audio file in the same directory as the program, but every time I do a Clean Build Folder option in XCode it erases the test audio file. I modified the program to look for the audio file in my Documents directory. Now the first time I run the program after it has been rebuilt, I get a popup window with the above message. Once I allow the app to access the files in my Documents folder, I can run it as much as I want without the popup, but as soon as I make a change to the source code so that it has to recompile, I get the message again. I assume that it is because MacOS doesn't know that the recompiled program is the same one that I gave permission to.

Is there a way to suppress this message? FWIW, I looked into running the app sandboxed, but it doesn't look like sandboxing doesn't work with command line apps.


I found a sortof solution. Instead of the Documents folder, I created a Data folder in the folder containg the application Build folder and placed the output file in there and referenced it as ../../../Data/filename


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