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Using a custom NSView inside an NSGridView

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I'm working my way through Hacking with macOS, and recently started messing around with NSGridView but I have an issue that's driving me crazy. When I create a new NSGridView with NSGridView(views: [[NSButtons]]) as per the "Odd one out" game it works fine and the buttons are displayed. However, I want to have my own custom views inside an NSGridView like NSGridView(views: [[MyCustomView]]) but I can't get it to display anything.

I guess I'm missing something trivial here like setting the height and width or something. I do as in the "Odd one out" game, like setting constraints and row height and column width on the grid view though. My custom view only draws a CGRect 20x20 right now, so that should give it a size, I guess?

Anyone see anything obvious that I have missed? :)

Also, my end goal is a pixel editor for sprites, so I'm not sure the NSGridView is the best option here. Maybe I should just do a custom NSView and "paint" the grid myself, and figure out mouse coordinates etc. in code. Any opinions on this?

Thanks for your attention :)

Regards, Andreas


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