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macOS. Not iOS. These are incredibly difficult to find. I've followed many a link to matches in Google where the text of the link says macOS tutorial(s). But when you visit the site, it's all iOS.

I started with the newer (blue) 100 Days of SwiftUI here on Paul's site. When I got to day 25, I looked ahead and realized the entire thing is iOS. Yes, it will be a good thing to know this, too, but I need to learn macOS programming first.

Why?, you may ask. I have what I think is a great idea for an app I'd like to develop for the Mac. But even Paul's Hacking with macOS book doesn't appear to cover the type of interface design I need to learn. What I need to work my way towards is an interface like you'd see in Suitcase Fusion, or FontExplorerX Pro. Which is a list of files on the drive (in a folder specified in the app's code) that has a toggle for each file, or group selection if they're in a subfolder. Do this if checked - default, or return to default if off.

That's really the entire app I'm envisioning. A single interface panel with the app name and a graphic at the top, and a list of items you can toggle below that.

I did find one nice, similar example of a Mac tutorial using font selection and display. Not quite what I was looking for, but a push in the right direction.

From various screen shots of some of the book's pages, it does look like Paul's book will help a lot in learning how to build a Mac interface in general. Adding new views, a preferences panel, saving settings, etc.

What are my fellow forum user's thoughts on this book? I would lean towards yes, simply because it's virtually the only such self-teaching product for macOS I could find, but still want to know how others who have purchased and gone throught this instruction book feel about it.

Thanks you.


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