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destroy a project

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I have to realize project 3 in the book; but i've destroyed all my ProjectOne trying to clone it, with Xcode, from the clone menuitem in Source Control, then from the launching of Xcode at the bottom of the window, then by copy... Then with a Git client, trying to create a repository, trying to create a branch — i even got a version without storyboard. Really, i have to create a new project 1 from scratch? Anybody already had the same difficulties? Happy that was'nt a big business project!


My dear, what a newbie you are. All your problems are from you would use your own folder of images, without cleaning your files. And you have the result : entitlements file problems, CodeSign problems because all the "metadata, resource fork and Finder information and other detritus not allowed" as say Xcode. A little shot of xattr -rc in the terminal on the files of your folder and "voilà". All is fixed. Next time, find a way less difficult to learn all these things my dear myself.


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