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Can a function call a method inside a class?

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I have a general function that it is not in any class. Is it possible for that function call to a method that is inside a class?

Simplified here:

func func1() {
    //do something and then:

class ViewController: NSViewController {
    override func viewDidLoad() {


    func func2() {
        print ("content of func 2")



  1. you have a reference to a specific instance of that class, or
  2. the function you are calling is a class function.
import Foundation

class ThingClass {
    func doSomething() {
        print("do do do")

    class func doSomethingElse() {

func callFunction(on thing: ThingClass) {

func callClassFunction() {

let thing = ThingClass()
callFunction(on: thing)



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