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SOLVED: Bubble Trouble issue

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I just completed Pauls book Hacking with macOS up to Bubble Trouble (Swift UI addition). On the challenges I was able to find a solution to place "Game Over!" on the screen when all the bubbles are gone as expected. But expected the text to be blue as thats what I coded... Text remains white... Any clues to why this doesn't work? Heres a portion of the code:

  func pop(_ node: SKSpriteNode) {
        guard let index = bubbles.firstIndex(of: node) else { return }
        bubbles.remove(at: index)

        node.physicsBody = nil = nil

        let fadeOut = SKAction.fadeOut(withDuration: 0.3)
        let scaleUp = SKAction.scale(by: 1.5, duration: 0.3)
        let group =[fadeOut, scaleUp])

        let sequence = SKAction.sequence([group, SKAction.removeFromParent()])

        run(SKAction.playSoundFileNamed("pop.wav", waitForCompletion: false))

        if bubbles.count == 0 {
            endGame = SKLabelNode(fontNamed: "Marker-Felt")
            endGame.color =
            endGame.text = "Game Over!"
            endGame.fontSize = 128
            endGame.position = CGPoint(x: 400, y: 300)





SKLabelNode has a fontColor property for the text color, not a color property. The default font color is white. You didn't set the font color for the label so you end up with white text.

The following code change should give you blue text:

endGame.fontColor =


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