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I have a little problem with the project one de "Hacking with MacOS" ; two problems indeed, but i've fixed th first. I have Catalina, and Xcode, and IB in Xcode, does'nt behave as expected. The tableview would'nt display, nothing to do, but with some "print(this), print(that)", i coul verify all was good. It was in IB just a little manip to make not hidden the tableView because the text in cells was'nt justified by default but it is mandatory a justification be marked, hidden text by default.

Now, the image says "I do'nt exist, you can't find me" and don't want to display. Same problem, many print are showing all is good, but nothing in the window ; an idea ?

Sorry for my very bad english ; i read much better i write.


I have fixed my issue with this code for "imageSelected(name)", but I do'nt know why.

func imageSelected(name: String){ var nomen: String let path = Bundle.main.path(forResource: "images", ofType: "bundle")! + "/" nomen = path + name let image = NSImage(byReferencingFile: nomen) imageView.image = image }


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