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Want to work on the Amazon Alexa iOS app with me? (Toronto, Canada)

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Hi folks, I'm a developer based out of Toronto, ON, Canada, working at Amazon on the Alexa iOS app.

The Alexa Mobile team in Toronto has two openings, one SDE 1 (new grad to 3 years experience) and one SDE 2 (3 to 7 years experience). We've been part of the "platform" or "core" team, which means we work on the app as a "container" while feature and domain teams work on specific parts of the app.

Think of it as though we build the frame or infrastucture of the app, and the other teams decorate the rooms.

There's very little UI work, but lots of internal details, especially doing things like coming up with composable architecture designs so that we can allow an arbitrary feature to register with the app from it's own package/framework without having all the code inside a single project.

With such a small team (1 developer right now) I wouldn't have the sort of time or resources to properly train up and mentor someone without any mobile experience, so hopefully you've worked on some projects already, either for fun or professionally.

SDE1 posting:

SDE2 posting:

I've been at Amazon for a total of 4.5 years now (with a gap for paternity leave), Alexa Mobile for more than half of that time, and I've been happy with my experience. I'm happy to have a candid talk with anyone about the good and bad of my experiences, as well as share my comp ranges over the years.

Please note that these openings are specifically for the Toronto team (which is only myself and my manager right now), so you'd be working directly with me. At Amazon there are literally dozens if not hundreds of openings for every org, especially in Seattle, so if you don't already live in Ontario there will be something, somewhere, that could work for you, if you're interest.


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