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Want to work as Mobile Software Engineer @ Cybermoth in Vienna, Austria?

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Cybermoth does scientific research and development, creates data-driven technologies, IOT sensor solutions, native apps and artificial networks to solve human related problems and empower companies with competitive advantages. 

We are searching for Mobile Software Engineers with native development experience

As a software engineer you'll be working with project managers, designers, software architects and engineers to deliver software products.

Your Profile Please apply for this position if you meet the following requirements:

  • Worked on at least one native application published in the App Store / Play Store
  • Experience building mobile apps using Kotlin / Java and Swift / Objective C
  • Fluent in Kotlin / Java and Swift / Objective C
  • Experience in JavaScript
  • Deep understanding of the Android / iOS SDKs
  • Good knowledge of Android Studio, Xcode and Jetbrains IDEs
  • Experience with version control
  • Worked with agile scrum frameworks
  • Knowledge of Android OS and iOS
  • Experienced with application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken

Your work experience, skills and references will be verified.

Responsibilities In this position you will be part of one or more remote or in-house agile teams for internal, commercial or research projects.

Be committed to build quality high-performance software, be willing to work overtime if necessary and be available for international business travel.

Work environment You will work in a team office during this full time position in our offices in Donaucity, Vienna. We provide fruits, vegan snacks and beverages and a relaxing, creative environment.

What we offer You will be part of a company with an inspiring vision and a clear purpose. We are very selective and demand professional excellence from all our team, and offer attractive rewards to keep everyone happy at all times:  

  • Depending on qualifications and professional experience, we offer a gross monthly salary between € 2,700 and € 5,400 for this position
  • Five weeks of vacation per year
  • For Non-EU residents we offer a 3 months contract working in Vienna with the possibility to prolong, or after this period work remote from your country of origin
  • Assistance with Austrian work visa application if necessary
  • All additional benefits dictated by Austria's employment law including medical insurance
  • We welcome unvaccinated candidates

We recommend… Don't say stuff like "that's impossible", unless you can prove that what's in question defies the laws of physics.

We value if you are vegan or vegetarian, because it shows that you do research, that you care for your environment and your wellbeing.

Listen to "The Power of Now" audiobook by Eckhart Tolle - only the English or German version read by the author.


We are looking forward to receive your application. 

*Your professional information is confidential and will be evaluated considering EEO laws.


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