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Sr. IOS Developer for Stealth Co. (Remote/Part time)

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We are looking for our first hire for a video-based IOS app with SwiftUI, remote/part-time (>15 hours/week)/hourly OK. We are based in the US.

We require conversational English and will prefer closer timezones to the US (Europe is fine if you are OK with catching up on your evenings).

The project will have AI/ML components, we don't expect you to train models but you should be comfortable adding basic ARKit/CoreML/OpenAI/StableDiffusion/Tensorflow to our project (learning them as we go is OK). Bonus points to attention to detail, appreciation for amazing UI/UX, being able to do quick and messy prototypes as well as being able to produce the best code for your teammates.

You should be easygoing, and personable and enjoy working together over loom (remote/async) as well as over screenshare. This is the very beginning of this project, and we are hoping to be good friends for years to come.

If you could send over a few projects of yours, screenshots, Github link, that'd be great (an introductory loom would be amazing!)

This is not for entry-level, or not for people who don't have matching experience.

We are very technical, as well as entrepreneurial, and previously raised over $30M in capital from Tier-1 investors in Silicon Valley.

This is a paid position, company is not yet funded thus probably it is not going to be the highest-paying job either.

Equity is possible if we decide to be together full-time and/or longer term.

Alright, that's it from us, now it's your turn, would love to hear from you soon!


I've taken a bit of a hiatus and am now looking to get back into the coding game on a part-time basis as you describe. My preferred environment is iOS Swift/SwiftUI and that's what I've focused on the past several years. Prior to that I did an extensive amount of core Java enterprise work in various environments.

I've done a fair amount of what you describe, and have been a quick study on multiple projects for various clients over the years. If you are okay with me having a short learning curve to match your exact technology, I'd be happy to provide more info.

I can provide CV early next week and a Loom intro if you like (out of town on vacation now).


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