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Speech Therapy Platform Needs A Lead iOS Developer

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Hey everyone, this is by far the best community of iOS devs anywhere and I've been incredibly blessed by all the help I've received on the Swift forums. My company needs to speed up our development of a PoC application, and I'd like to see if there are any senior-level iOS devs that might be interested.

The summary is, we're about 25% done with our development work. I have a dedicated back-end developer who's using GO. I've been crafting all the Swift and front-end code myself but I need someone to take the reigns and help me speed things up.

Checkout www.realtalkslp.com

Here's the full job post, thanks for looking!

Real Talk is looking for a wise and experienced Swift Programmer to help lead our core features roadmap and iOS development team. We're building the world's best mobile application for Speech Language Pathologists and their clients. Our goal is simple, we want to empower SLPs to do their absolute best work, equip them with tools that produce the most impactful speech therapy possible and enable them to spend more time helping children with speech problems. The Real Talk platform also includes unique tools and resources for parents of speech therapy clients. Altogether we're reshaping the way speech therapy is conducted, eliminating the headaches and paperwork SLPs deal with and optimizing the involvement and experiences of speech therapy clients and their families.

What we're looking for...

Our company is still in the pre-flight stage but we expect to complete the PoC version of our platform by the end of this year and already have Seed funding pledged. This role is our first Engineering hire and we need someone with experience mentoring other developers. You should be very experienced building complete products using the latest versions of UIKit, Swift and SwiftUI. You know your way around a block of REST APIs and can effectively architect the big picture too. You're Senior, but you still love to code.

Bullet time...


  • Early stage startup moving quickly towards launch.
  • Passionate and excited about building something brand new that helps SLPs and their clients.
  • Fully remote.
  • We are Speech Pathologists and Software Developers. We know what we're building and won't waste your time.


  • Skilled iOS developer that leads others, or a high-IC level developer ready to leap into something bigger.
  • 5+ years building complete iOS applications, preferably SaaS, in native code.
  • Familiar with Core Data best practices.
  • Knows about threading especially the multi kind.
  • Has great ideas for efficient data management and caching.
  • Builds REST APIs.
  • Knows and uses Git and GitHub of course.
  • Experience with MVVM designs.
  • Knows a bit about test-driven development and testing automation frameworks.
  • A good person who wants to help kids.

***This is a contract role and we're needing an obligation of up to 40 hours per month. Of course if everything goes really well this year, we would hope that the individual chosen for this role joins us as an integral member of the team.


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