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looking for Mid-Level to Senior iOS Developer at eBay

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We are currenlty looking for an iOS developer for full-time position. This position is suited for someone mid-level - senior. The team you would be working for is the Selling Native Team which is in charge of the selling section of the eBay app. The position is based out of San Jose, CA but my manager mentioned that it could possibly turn into a remote position for the right candidate, however you would have to start in San Jose in the beginning. We use mostly swift but there is still some Obj-C that we handle.


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@oglerma Awesome! Can I suggest you post an email address or link where folks can find out more?


Ahh yes! Here is the job description:

You can apply in the link above. Also,for those interested, send me a message when you are done and i'll let my manager know to look for you. My email is .


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