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Hey so ultimately I think I want the job route at least for now, as I don't know what app i'd make myself. And when I do know, it's a debate of is it worth the time type of thing. Anyways I've done the test on this site for 100 days of SwiftUI and code with chris fundamentals (along with chat app).

I am sure I need more experience to be marketable, but I would love to learn more and gain experience. I am eager to one day make money in this field one day as well, I just don't know the best way to and when to say "I can do it" to an interviewer/ company.

Some people learn like, CoreData, CloudKit.. but others would rather focus on the 3rd party options. Same for subscriptions.. It's such a big field, I guess I don't know where to go from here to get out of the Tutorial phase.

Any help in this type of situation is greatly appreciated!


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