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Looking for an entry-level iOS Developer position (can start today if it's Toronto-area, otherwise, might need a bit of time to relocate)

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Hi, my name is Brian, a fresh computer science graduate from the University of Waterloo.

I don't have any relevant experience, but I am super passionate when it comes to iOS development. I have published two apps on the app store (Mostly, in UIKit with a little bit of SwiftUI).

Currently, I am working on 3rd app, which utilizes core data, cloud kit, and swiftUI. (Completely, in SwiftUI this time)

In the meantime, I am teaching myself here and at Kodeco (Previously, Ray Wenderlich) for at least 6 hours every day these days.

Because I am a computer science graduate, I already know fundamental computer science concepts and basics of Git, HTTP, TCP/UDP, Linux Commands, and SQL.

I'm willing to work for free full-time for the first few weeks, but interested in getting a full-time position after that if you find me a good candidate.

Thanks kindly for reading this far and have a good day!!


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