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IRL - Remote Mid-Level iOS Engineer

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I'm the hiring manager at IRL for a mid-level iOS engineer opening we have.

You'll be the formative 4th member of an iOS team that has been hitting its stride in the last few months. We're looking for someone with 4ish years of Swift experience.

As for culture, we do once-weekly standups on Monday, work from a prioritized backlog of tickets with specs and/or repro steps, and do a team-wide, video-on retro on Friday. Between Monday + Friday, meetings are fairly minimal and you'll have the space to get into deep work. Once you're ready to push something to the App Store, you can open a PR, receive a thoughtful review from a teammate and, after it's QA'd, it'll go out in a weekly build.

The best way to apply is to enter your resume at this website. https://irl.breezy.hr/p/31136c2daf1b-remote-mid-level-ios-engineer (Feel free to add that you saw this on HackingWithSwift!)


+- 3 hours of Pacific limits to the US really.


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