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A leading bank, with multiple offices across Canada and throughout the world are looking to onboard an Senior iOS Developer. This is for a minimum 6 month contract in their Vancouver office. They have an excellent reputation within their sector and are known as a market leader.

•Proactive collaboration in the project team to help develop the product using your experience to help guide the team through the whole development life cycle •Lead, mentor, up-skill, retain and inspire the UK based engineering professionals in the Mobile CFT •Ensure code quality and governance •Ensure engineers follow any patterns/designs set out and agreed with Architects and Chapter Leads •Hands on with Planning, estimating, contributing to the architecture, coding, development •Refactoring and continuous improvements of the code bases is vital. •Focus on SW quality and delivering quality throughout the whole process •Ensuring that technical decisions and information is communicated thorough the global team •Taking responsibility of releases and contributing to the ongoing support of the live apps. •Keen to collaborate with others, and you’ll give thought about how software fits into the bigger picture •Experienced in Continuous Delivery practices and how they affect product quality and delivery •Experienced with a range of agile practices and understand how and why they work •They promote a DevOps culture so you will need to look beyond pure programming and get involved with the deployment and operation of the software they build. •Have strong experience building highly productive teams of technically talented engineers •Deliver fair outcomes for our customers and ensure own conduct maintains the orderly and transparent operation of financial markets

What You’ll Need to Succeed •Proven experience as a Senior iOS developer •Experience with Swift 4+ •Strong experience with the latest Xcode, Familiar on creating auto layout constraints programmatically •Good knowledge of software design patterns (VIPER, VIP (clean swift)) and software architecture principle •Deep knowledge of Apple’s HIG, design best practices, coding and naming guidelines •A passion for clean code •Good understanding and execution of SOLID programming principle •Experience in building Universal Apps that support different layouts for iPhone and iPad •Regularly write unit tests •Experience with large code base application with multiple internal and external frameworks •Experience with UI Automation (XCUITest and Snapshot testing) •Experience with RxSwift •Experience with OS X shell scripting and Xcode's / Fastlane’s command-line tools •Some experience with any server-side technology (e.g. ASP.NET, PHP, RoR) and REST API development

If you are interested, share your email is will send the job details.

Thanks Vanitha Sourcing partner - Hays


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