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iOS Developer Required to Assist Client with the Completion and Launch of a Video/Photo Application

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Overview: Software engineer required to finish app development by implementing minor fixes, feature improvements and in-app monetisation functionality.

Contract Type: Remote, Contract.

Contract Compensation: Hourly ($20-60 Per Hour dependent on expertise and experience) or Fixed rate on a per job basis.

Contract Requirements:

Fix minor errors with layout, view screens and media display. Improve video capture quality and libraries. Minor additions to app user settings. Subscription and One-Time payment functionality integrated with a mobile app subscription management platform (e.g. Adapty or Revenucat). Launch app on App Store.

Additional info:

Potential for permanent job or long term contract work available. Programming languages:- Swift / Objective C Preference for developers that can communicate during client office hours in the UK (08:00-18:00 GMT). Client will provide all UI ,UX and prototyping (Adobe XD).


Hi I'm Junaid with 4+ years of Experierience in iOS Developement and available to fix and upgrade and develope new things Thanks


Hello Chris, my name is Kevin Nyangena, an iOS developer with experience in Git, Swift, UIKit, Agile. I am available for your project. It does seem to be engaging and quite exciting. My e-mail is kenyangena07@gmail.com or you could provide me with yours and I'll be happy to reach out and figure out more about how to apply. Thank you.


Greetings Chris,

I am a senior and seasoned iOS and macOS Developer with about 8 years of Swift, and 10 years of Objective C experience.

I am well versed with numerous first party frameworks including Foundation, Combine, CoreData, CoreGraphics, Quartz, AVFoundation, CoreLocation, MapKit, IOKit, Photos, StoreKit, AppKit, UIKit, SwiftUI, AuthenticationServices, and third party frameworks including Firebase, GoogleMaps, TwilioChatClient, Alamofire etc.

My skillset includes implementation of views by code including auto layout constraints, thorough debugging for bug fixing, optimisations, and deployment to App Store.

With regards to the project requirements, I have implemented a custom video player and in-app subscription in the past.

My timings are flexible to suit your needs. Please revert if interested at gurmeher@clockworks.tech

Thank You


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