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SOLVED: Ways to let the user pick from a set number of choices (Enum)

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I have this enum, which defines the type of annotations in my app. It is also used for the sections of my diffable data source. When adding a new annotation the user has to pick a type for that annotation. I have this viewcontroller (form) where the user inputs all data. My first thought would be a dropdown list for the types, but there's no such thing in swift. I have some ideas how to tackle this, but I would like to hear ideas from those who might have done this before ...


I think that can be done with either a UIPickerView or a UISegmentedControl.


Thank you, Segmented control doesn't really suit my needs, but i'll look into the picker view. UIMenu isn't available on iOS13, right ?

I'll have a look at UIMenu as well


I solved it using a context menu:

In my view controller:

        let interaction = UIContextMenuInteraction(delegate: self)

And the delegate as an extension:

//MARK: - UIContextMenuInteractionDelegate
extension AnnotationDetailsViewController: UIContextMenuInteractionDelegate {
    func contextMenuInteraction(_ interaction: UIContextMenuInteraction, configurationForMenuAtLocation location: CGPoint) -> UIContextMenuConfiguration? {
        return UIContextMenuConfiguration(identifier: "annotationTypeMenu" as NSCopying, previewProvider: nil) { _ in
            let children: [UIMenuElement] = self.makeAnnotationTypeActions()
            return UIMenu(title: "", children: children)

    func makeAnnotationTypeActions() -> [UIAction] {
        var actions = [UIAction]()
        for type in AnnotationType.allCases {
            actions.append( UIAction(title: type.rawValue, image: type.image, identifier: nil, attributes: []) { _ in
                let annotationType = AnnotationType(rawValue: type.rawValue) ??
                self.annotation.type = annotationType
                self.configureAnnotationTypeButton(with: annotationType)
        return actions

Works nicely, but I do get an autolayout error in the console on opening the menu ...


If anyone can help with my autolayout warning:

I see more people are having these layout warnings, see the remark at the end of this post


I got an answer on the Apple developer forums saying that the layout warning is a known issue and will be solved in iOS14!


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