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Update to a private app

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So I've been working on a private app for someone. It is an iPad app, and I have the iPad here with me right now. As usual, write some code, run it on the iPad, everything works fine....

So I've been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, and I'm about to spend some quality months in the hospital. I've heard that doing work on apps should be an option.

So I've never done this, but I think it can be done.

Can I create an .app version of the app through XCode (I think it's in there somewhere) Email this .app (or put it on a private server for her to download) Through iTunes for Windows, have her update the app on the iPad to the new version? (It's the same iPad that I have now, so it's got my developer information, or whatever it needs for me to update this app).

I'd like to test it before I head in, so I can work it out with my "client" as to how to do it.


The easiest way would probably distributing the app via TestFlight. Every build on TestFlight is vaid for 90 days. You can always upload a newer version and your "client" can update the app easily via Testflight.


Never used Testflight before. Can I restrict it so only one person sees it?


It's restricte by default. Only people which you invite to test your app will have access to it.

You need to register your app in App Store Connect as every app you would like to publish to the App Store. But don't submit the app for review. And then under "TestFlight" you can invite users to test your app. Your client will need TestFlight app on his device and will be able to download the app from there.


One last question. Does the app that she gets from Testflight ever expire? If things don't go well, it'll be the last version she has access to.


The app will expire always 90 days after you uploaded the build. So every 90 days it's needed to increase the build number in xcode, compile it again and push the version back up to App Store Connect.


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